Core Competencies

Built on the three decades of experience of our Management, but also by virtue of the long-standing business partnerships and relationships we have developed over time, we have a wide range of business that we regularly engage in, and broad array of types of services we can provide to our client base. Our Core

Competencies fall into the following primary areas:


Purchase of Real Estate Notes (either individually, or in portfolios)

  • Non-Performing mortgage loans, usually purchased at a discount
  • Sub-Performing or Matured loans
  • Performing but classified as TDR’s (Troubled Debt Restructurings)
  • Privately originated notes, including seller-carry notes
  • Loans in the process of Foreclosure / REO’s

Contract Asset Management Services

  • Loan Servicing
  • Loan asset management
  • REO asset management
  • Loan work-outs and restructurings

Contract Due Diligence

  • Individual loan underwriting and purchase analysis, plus bulk acquisition analysis
  • Loan pricing recommendations for acquisitions
  • Valuations on loan portfolio
  • Real estate underwriting analysis and acquisition recommendations
  • Bank acquisition analysis and underwriting

Advisory Services

  • Presentation of “alternative investment” opportunities for investors
  • Brokering discounted loan acquisition opportunities
  • Assisting Borrowers fund Short-Sale or DPO opportunities
  • Loan Sale advisory services for banks, lending institutions, and private sellers
  • Loan Review services for banks on their loan portfolios
  • Brokering of M & A opportunities, including those involving Bankruptcy estates

Bridge Loans

  • Short-term bridge notes involving “special situations”, including short sales or DPO’s
  • “Hard money” loans

Our market is national in scope, with no defined geographic limitation, although our greatest knowledge, expertise, and experience has involved properties in the Southwest, South, Southeast, and Western parts of the country.